Smart Use of Psych..

Initially, the focus of home staging was to neutralize your home in order to appeal to a wider market of potential buyers. But that often results in the fatal side-effect of becoming a “forgettable” home. Forgettable Homes: Not distasteful, but not memorable enough to make the short list. The latest trend in Home Staging is target marketing, or “Lifestyle Merchandising.” Designing a space to attract a more specific buyer. This is nothing new - consumer product companies have been using this … [Read more...]

HomeGoods Bloggers..

Great time in NYC for the grand opening of the new HomeGoods store in Manhattan! … [Read more...]

Our Barney Purple ..

Hello RTW friends! I'm happy to say that we bought our fixer-upper the end of December, and moved in the 3rd week of January. Prior to move-in, we spent weekends camping on air mattresses and painting til we could paint no more! While it was nice to have a three week head start to get some of the projects done before the furniture moved in, we also then ended up moving during the soon-to-be-famous blizzard of 2011. Oh joy. We'll be sharing some before and after pictures soon, I'll offer up … [Read more...]

Real Estate Listin..

I’ve been reading LOTS of property descriptions. Aside from the many typos and CAPS, here are a few gems I see over and over and what they REALLY mean to a buyer. Original Owner = dated décor Well (or impeccably) appointed = a woman picked out the finishes Custom = what someone else wanted # Years Young = denial, i.e. a perpetually 29 year old woman Stately = stuffy Pristine condition = they have a good housecleaning service Updated = painted within the last 3 years and took down that … [Read more...]

What Every Bathroo..

It's not Wednesday, but I'm (practically) wordless on this one: Ok, this an asset for you? Oh, and ignore the mess beyond the door on the left. … [Read more...]