Home Staging and the Staged Door

I recently wrote an article about staging the front door. Since then, I’ve looked more closely at my own front door, and realized that the bushes flanking the door have become overgrown without my even noticing it! Sort of crept up on me! Funny how gradual changes in your own home become part of the landscaping. So yes, I have trimmed back the bushes, tended to the flower pots, etc.

This experience reinforced my strong belief that when selling your home, your just too close to it to see it as a buyer would. Hiring a stager will give you valuable insight into how buyers will view your home. It’s worth every penny!

Below is an excerpt from that article…so everyone…go forth and make your front door an asset to your home!

Have a great day!


The Staged Door
“There is that awkward moment when your realtor is fumbling with the lock box to get the key, and you (the buyer) are patiently waiting and subconsciously creating an image of the home you are about to see. Could this be the one? Such anticipation! Click to continue!”