Why spend money on a house I’m leaving?!

That’s the most common objection sellers have to staging. What is ironic is that the answer is in the question itself…money!

Staging is not an expense, but rather an investment to get the most possible for your home, and as quickly as you can. There are two sides to this money equation: Selling Price, and Speed of Sale.

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Selling Price is pretty self-explanatory. More is better! To evaluate the expense of carrying the home while it’s for sale is a little trickier. And it’s especially daunting when you’ve already found your next home.

Here are a few expenses to consider: Mortgage pmt, Insurance, Taxes, Utilities, Yard services (lawn, landscaping, pool, plowing), and General Maintenance (cleaning, repairs, etc.). It sure adds up fast!

Now that you have an understanding of the economics, consider the emotional toll selling your home places on you and your family. Do you really want to keep your home in show condition and be prepared to flee at a moment’s notice for very long? This is where Speed of Sale comes into play.

Staging can help your house sell much faster than the competition, and for more money. Do yourself a favor, stage your home before you list it, and get it over with. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how a little money can go a long way!