What it Home Staging? How about what it is NOT!

Home Staging is NOT:

…Decorating – Anyone can make a home look decorated. Staging is about marketing your home to your target buyer. In fact, personal taste has nothing to do with it. It’s about making a great first impression that creates an emotional connection with buyers and helps them imagine themselves living there.

…Just for high-end homes – Every home deserves its best chance at selling quickly and for top dollar whether a starter home or a mansion. Remember, you are competing with other homes within your price range!

…Expensive – A Stager is creative and resourceful professional who can work with just about any budget. A stager can be hired to do the actual staging, or prepare a detailed staging plan that the homeowner can do themselves. Remember, the cost of staging is always less than a price reduction, and typically less than a mortgage payment.

…Only for vacant homes – While critical for vacant homes, staging is equally as effective in occupied homes. How you live in your home is different than how you sell it. A stager can work with your existing belongings to bring out your home’s best assets and appeal to buyers. Another perk…you’ll be a step ahead in packing for your move!

…Intrusive – Yes, you can live comfortably in your staged home (even with kids)! Ok, it may be a little inconvenient, but not as inconvenient as not selling your home quickly. Remember, it’s only temporary! And who knows…maybe your family will learn some good habits in the process!

…Something your Real Estate Agent should do – They have enough to do just marketing your home (yes, they do far more than most homeowners know!). A professional stager has specialized skills plus passion for creating that fantastic first impression that will appeal to your target buyer. After all, you wouldn’t hire a roofer to do your plumbing, right?

…Something you can easily do yourself – Tempting? Yes. Practical? No. It is just too difficult to see your home from a buyer’s eye when you’ve been living in it (remember the “forest for the trees” quote?). It’s not a matter of having great design taste; it’s about showcasing the home sans your personal touches and belongings. Anyway, aren’t you pretty busy getting ready for a move? If you really want to do it yourself, hire a stager to prepare a detailed plan for you to follow. You’ll be glad you did!

…Major renovation – It’s not like you see on TV. Not every home needs a brand new kitchen or a wall knocked down. While some painting or fixture upgrades may be recommended, it’s typically it’s the minor, inexpensive enhancements that make the biggest difference.

…A “Last Resort” effort – Timing is important. Ideally, you should stage your home before listing it to best capitalize on the early fresh traffic. Already listed and not yet sold? All is not lost…get your home staged, and then re-introduce it to the market. You’ll be amazed!

…Optional – unless, of course, you don’t really want to sell fast and make more money. Your home is competing with other homes and new construction. O.K. is just not good enough when you’re selling in a competitive market.



  1. Rachel - Staged Makeovers says:

    What a great blog! I love the backwards approach saying what a staged home “is not.” I am getting tired of reading the same things over and over again. Thanks for doing something different and better!

    Please visit my blog at http://www.mystagelife.com where we are always trying to do things a little better.

  2. What we do says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I too tire of the usual “what is staging” articles. Sadly, many of them are written by those not even in the profession! Crazy, huh?

    Blog on!!