Surviving Staged Bathrooms

I have a thing for bathrooms.  As a home stager, I especially LOVE staging them.  But as a homeowner, it’s not always very practical to live with a staged bathroom.  What is eye candy for the buyer is often inconvenient for the seller. 

So I’m going to help you out today with some tips for staged-bathroom survival, show some examples of staged bathrooms, and some easy updates for those of you who are not trying to sell your home.

First, let’s talk about a few tips to help you survive your staged bathroom:

  • Use a caddy to hold personal toiletries to keep them off the countertops when not in use.  Kind of takes you back to the old college dorm days!
  • Keep “guest” towels to use for home showings.  Toss your “real” towels in the dryer when buyers are coming through.
  • Keep counter wipes, Windex and paper towels handy in EACH bathroom for quick cleanups. Tip: a little Windex on all the little shiny parts does wonders for a bathroom).
  • Don’t use contour rugs or toilet seat covers.  One more thing to get dirty and they never stay in place (plus they’re kind of gross).
  • Use liners in your trash can.  It’s cleaner, and makes for a quick toss-out!

Ok, now let’s check out a few before and after shots of staged bathrooms. The first two examples are from vacant homes. 

This vacant bathroom feels much more luxurious with warm tones.

Bathroom Before

Bathroom after staging

This master bathroom needed to have more of a spa feeling.  Contrasting darker accessories with the light walls gave it some depth.
Bathroom Before
Bathroom After

Now this example is from an occupied home – and note that the sellers did not spend much money at all to update the bathroom.  It just needed a few style updates. Simple curtain made out of kitchen towels, more contemporary artwork, fresh towels and a little de-cluttering made this bathroom feel move-in ready.

Bathroom before

Bathroom after

Even if you’re not moving, there are some staging techniques you can use to infuse some style into your bathroom:

  • Look at your bath linens with a critical eye.  They often wear out and/or get outdated before you really notice it! 
  • Take inventory of what is on your bathroom counters.  If you don’t use it daily, store it somewhere else. If it must stay, store it in a decorative container.
  • When is the last time you looked under your bathroom counter?  Some purging and organization can do wonders for your bathroom and your mindset!  It’s the same feeling you get when you clean out your purse.
  • Bathroom a little bland?  Bring in color with rolled up towels or washcloths in a pretty basket.
  • Look at the artwork and accessories in your bathroom.  Avoid smaller pieces as they tend to make a room look smaller.  And dried flower arrangements tend to look tired very quickly.

There you have it!  Thanks for sharing in my bathroom obsession!



  1. Just found this blog via Twitter. I love it.
    Simple and stylish with great advice.
    Thanks Susan.

  2. Hi Annie,

    Hey, thanks for finding my on Twitter! Vacant baths are the most fun to stage because it’s blank canvas! See you in Tweet-world.


  3. Love the tips on a great bathroom! I like the colored towels rolled up idea!

    Thanks for your comment over at The Inspired Room!

    Tim @ Remodeling Guy

  4. Hi Tim…you’re welcome! I enjoy reading your posts! I too love anything that adds some color. Have to tread a little more lightly when it’s a staging project, though!


  5. Great ideas and simple things that make a big difference that any one of us can do. Thanks for sharing your tips.
    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Hi Teresa – thanks for your kind words and for stopping by! I’m a big fan of simple changes…does that mean I’m lazy? LOL

    Happy Friday!

  7. I found your blog via the Inspired Room.

    How ever do you make curtains from kitchen towels. That is a great idea.

  8. Hi SoBella! Glad you’re “inspired” today! Actually, making curtains from kitchen towels is my favorite home staging “trick” – just use a pressure rod, ring clips, and beautiful dishtowels. Linen napkins work well too. Best part is you can change them out seasonally or to suite your mood! Enjoy!

  9. I love your tips. I recently redid my own bathroom and went for what you’d call a staged feel. But I have enough drawers to keep all the essentials tucked away so it works out well :)

  10. Hi Felicia,

    Aren’t drawers wonderful! Without them you have to get REALLY creative to keep the clutter to a minimum!