Get on that “honey do” list NOW!

When preparing your home for sale, it’s tempting to dismiss a potential problem as something a buyer could “surely look past” and expect them imagine the home without that little problem. You know what I’m talking about…outdated light fixtures, nasty carpeting, old windows, loud colors, damaged sink, ill-fitting door, and so on.

These can be relatively inexpensive fixes and can make a HUGE impact in the mind of a potential buyer. Just because you’ve been able to look past your home’s little blemishes over time doesn’t mean buyers will.

Perhaps it’s a project that’s been on your “honey do” list forever, but never got to.  I’ve got some news for you…moving doesn’t get you off the hook. Those projects still need to be done, whether for you’re personal enjoyment or to compete with the highly-competitive real estate market.

Will completing these projects help your home sell for more than your asking price? Probably not. But it will sell faster if it shines over the competition in your price range. And the longer it takes to sell, the more dreaded “price reductions” you’ll need to endure.

So what are you ignoring on YOUR “honey do” list? Might as well get it done now – time is money!