Not sure where to start?

Do you have an overwhelming room that you know you need to do something with, but don’t know where to start? Can you really see a vision through the clutter? How do you decide what you want? What’s “in” and what’s yesterday? It can be paralyzing.

Take comfort…you’re not alone! It’s challenging to develop a design plan when you’re not starting with an empty room.

First step is to get in touch with your own personal style. Yes, you do have one even if you’re not sure what it is. Thumb through some of your favorite design magazines and pick out pages of rooms you like, even if you’re not sure why. You’ll start to see a trend over time.

In fact, I constantly refer to my vast “inspiration files” by room. Yes, I’m a design magazine junkie! Name a room, I’ve got a big fat file of ideas!

Once you can imagine your space as something you would be excited to work towards, it will be much easier to execute your design plan. Tip: as you’re clearing out what you don’t need or want, keep your eye out for hidden treasures that can be re-purposed or used in other rooms!

So go ahead, make it happen. Need help? Me and my inspiration files are here for you!

Life’s too short to live in (and clean) a room that just doesn’t work for you!