Can a Stager Self-Stage?

It’s official…we’re moving to NJ. You’d think that I’d have a handle on preparing my own home, but it sure is tougher when you’re close to it! Objectivity is Queen!

Here’s a tip…take a picture of your room, then flip it horizontally. Or, likewise, use a hand mirror to view your room in reverse. You’ll notice things that just blended in to you before.

I’ve been cleaning 1/3 out of every closet, editing out furniture, touching up paint, and have magically transformed the “mud room” into a “butler’s pantry” – which does me no functional good with school starting in a week. But I seem to remember telling clients that how you live in a home is different when it’s for sale. Yup, I said it. So the new “butler’s pantry” is off limits to the kids.

I’m hoping to have our home listed by Friday. I’m excited, and a little anxious too. It’s all good! Please stop back often for updates…this is going to be quite a ride!