Forgettable Homes

Yesterday we viewed 18 homes. Some were drive-by’s, and the rest we toured.

A few bubbled up to the top. They unofficially became the benchmark by which we compared the rest.

There were a few that were promptly crossed off the list for one reason or another.

The rest were acceptable, but forgettable. Not because they weren’t nice, but because there was nothing unique about them.  Some had too many knick  knacks, too much furniture or too much owner personalization that we couldn’t see the home very well. We also saw homes with dirty carpets and dark paint making them look old and tired and not special.

Sure, those are things we can change ourselves, but viewing them this way made them…well…not special enough to really remember well.

I felt like Simon from American Idol…”great performance, but tomorrow I don’t think anyone will remember you.”

My advice to sellers after this experience…take a tour of homes in your neighborhood in your asking price range. Your potential buyers certainly are, and are comparing your home to those homes.

Not only should your home compare well, it needs to stand out. If it doesn’t, either you’re in the wrong price bracket, or you need to seriously step up the presentation of your home.

We’re going to look at more today. Wish us luck!



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  2. Thanks Enza! We can’t both be wrong. 😉