No Pets or People Please

I’ve seen a lot of homes in a short period of time. Since I’m fresh from the hunt, I thought I’d share two very important tips from a buyer’s perspective. Sellers…listen up here!

Lesson 1: People

Please don’t be home when I come to see your house. Sure, you’re polite enough to say hello, step outside and offer to answer any questions after I tour the home. But once I see or meet you, it’s YOUR home to me. I immediately feel awkward and want to get though YOUR home as quickly as possible. I feel like I’m intruding. I’ll probably even offer up an insincere “you have a lovely home” on the way out.

Oh…and I won’t have any questions for you that can’t be answered by a capable Realtor. And if I do, I won’t ask until I’m safely back in the car and out of earshot. And by then, I’m starting to think about the next home we’re going to see.

Lesson 2: Pets

I love dogs, and yes…your dog is adorable. So adorable, in fact, I’d rather play with it than look at your home. Now, if I didn’t like dogs, or was afraid of them, I’d get through the tour in about 30 seconds, IF I went in at all.

In two days, we saw two chocolate labs, two dalmatians, one yorkie, four golden retrievers and probably 3-4 cats. Oh yea, and one scary sounding small dog (luckily) in a crate in the basement (which we would not go into).  Take your pet with you or make arrangements with a neighbor or pet sitter service. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out how much space a dog crate takes up. If you can, move it out of the family room!

There. I said it. I hope this “tough love” post will help you to understand what a buyer feels when you or your pets are present during a tour. Feel free to disagree…I’m just trying to help! 😉

ps – and please skip the scented candles. Some can be quite offensive to some people, and they often leave me wondering what you’re trying to cover up.



  1. Enza Dandeneau says:

    You are so right and sadly, we tell our clients all the above and more and somehow they think they know better. Even when we share the feedback about hanging around, the pets and or the candles and other scents, they don’t want to hear it. And then of course, they get annoyed when the buyers don’t see how wonderful their house is….

  2. That’s where a good stager comes in…someone who can be the heavy! lol