Got Change? Go Big!

Q. What do buyers and sellers have in common?

A. They’re both moving!

Moving is a BIG change. Don’t waste that BIG momentum…what other changes would you like to make in your life as part of your move? It’s a great opportunity to reflect on your life and go big! Perhaps you want to start a work out routine, write a book, learn a new language, become a mentor, change your style, you name it…this is an exciting time when you are more open to change. Take advantage of it!

Me? I’m going to learn to cook at a level suitable for entertaining. Why? 3 reasons:

  1. I want healthier and tastier meals for me and my family
  2. I want to entertain more (without relying an a catering service)
  3. And finally, there is no Dream Dinners franchise where I’m moving to (although I often consider opening one myself!)

This won’t happen overnight, so I’m starting to practice on the weekends. As I find tasty and easy recipes, I’ll share them at my Your home, only better blog with a new series entitled “Entertaining Tips {for the rest of us}”.  I’ll kick it off today with a lovely Butternut Squash and Apple soup that I made this morning.

So what life changes would YOU like to incorporate into your next move?



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