MLS Mishap Monday – Animal Portraits

Welcome to “MLS Mishap Monday!”

Since I’m looking for a new home, I’ve been looking at MLS photos a lot lately. To be frank…I’m shocked. You would think a challenging economy would inspire sellers to up their visual game. There are more homes in my target area than I have time to even look at. So I’m using MLS listings to decide which ones I’ll take the time to actually visit.

So, as I find photo’s that are “misguided,” I’ll share them here on the Rooms That Work blog.

Today’s theme is related to my post about pets and people. First up has several issues…can you find them all?

cats and owner in mls photo

  • The most obvious is two cats and a man in his undershirt. Yea, that makes me want to see the house!
  • What’s with the coffee cup sitting on the floor? Is that for the cats?
  • Lots of family pictures displayed, furniture not in a conversational grouping.

Now here’s a winner…do you see what I see?

dog in window

  • How much is that doggie in the window? Oh wait…is that two dogs?
  • Is that really the best place to store your gun when selling your home?
  • Enough of the dried/faux foilage over the door – it’s just bad feng shui!
  • Do we even need to talk about the quality of the photo, and the big ‘ol flash reflected from the display case?

Ok, here’s another one…what do you see?

dog in real estate photo

  • Well, for starters, we’re being stared at by a cat and a dog.
  • And do you really need to leave the TV on for MLS shots?
  • Would it hurt to turn on a couple lights for the photos?

As a buyer, I pick the homes I want to see based on the photos. Yes, the home still has to sell to me when I get there, but if the pictures are bad I’m probably never going to see the home.

So please…at least remove your pets before taking pictures, turn on some lights and use a proper camera.  Better yet, select an agent who knows how to use a camera and has a home stager on his or her team to avoid these MLS Mishaps!

Happy selling (and buying) everyone!



  1. Enza Dandeneau says:

    I have clients who are hoping to move back from FLA and their agent sent me the link to their MLS listing and quite frankly, I blame the realtors for the photos and some of the ridiculous narratives I read. All those photos you posted… were posted by the realtor. I take quite a number of pictures before I weed thru to use the best ones I have. We don’t (and I believe can’t) use photos that have people, pets etc in them. It is very frustrating at times…its easy to blame the homeowners but in all fairness, the agents have to own their share of the enabling as well!!