Please don’t ask me to wear paper booties

One of the homes we toured was absolutely beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, we were commanded by a note written in bold felt pen to sport little paper booties in lieu of our shoes. (I should mention, it was a lovely day and there was no visible dirt on our shoes).

At the stairs to the basement was another note to put on a DIFFERENT pair of booties to view the basement, but to change back in the first pair of booties when you came back up to prevent getting any basement dust in the house.

Once the kids were properly sanitized, we ventured our way timidly through the house. We oooo-ed and ahhhh-ed at the many crystal displays and intricate design details. Well, the kids oooo-ed and ahhh-ed while I played zone to make sure they didn’t touch anything.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I really saw the house at all. But I think it was nice. My kids referred to it as the “neat freak” house the rest of the day.

Now I’m not going to say that over-the-top condition and decor are never effective, but I do have some advice for sellers who suspect that their target buyer might have kids (or a sense of humor)…LIGHTEN UP! You want the buyer to feel comfortable and welcome, not “dirty”.

Anyway, isn’t this supposed to be a buyers market? Think!!!



  1. I’m a b-a-d house seller. I like paper booties (or shoes removed). I had the realtor put up a note next to the basket of paper booties. Only one person complained about it; she invited him to put on the booties or leave the Open House. We received six offers within 2 hours, most considerably above asking.

    I think sellers can take it to an extreme, as you’ve described, but really, why shouldn’t buyers either take their shoes off or put on booties? I’m also not so sure about that buyers market business. Just as our house sold the same day, a few houses we *really* wanted to see sold before we could get to them and we had to settle for second choice in the neighborhood we were targeting. Just my take from the trenches.

    Great blog topic, btw!

  2. Oh, I just LOVE to hear great news like that! Where we are selling and buying are both heavily swayed buyers markets right now, so if it’s not raining and mushy outside, I’m not going to worry about it.

    Btw – I think i was more concerned about the many crystal displays they head…lovely, but totally kid-bait!

    Thx for checking in from the trenches, Jackie! :)

  3. And what do we say about depersonalizing homes… No collections on display nothing you would hate to see broken by mistake… Staging is also safeguarding your valuables. And that buyer’s children… Always remember the kids are house hunting too.. Their opinion counts.
    Sorry this is taking so long… you are getting close to the Holiday Slowdown in New England… It is gearing up here as “Season” is about to start. Staging my first listing, well the seller is Micromanaging the staging… but staging none the less !!

  4. We have several friends who are not selling, but ask you to put on paper booties when you come in. I don’t see the big deal. I’d rather do that than have to take my shoes off. We can track in all sorts of things on our shoes, and some of those things can contribute to allergies. I guess if doctors have to wear them in a very sanitary ER, with no carpets to ruin, it won’t hurt us. I certainly don’t feel dirty when I’m asked to remove my shoes or put on the booties. Do I require the same at our house? No. I can’t imagine me being worried about my carpet, when we already have a dog. But people are free to do what they need to do, to maintain their homes the way they want them. If I loved the house I was viewing, and decided to buy it, I would be thrilled that the past owner kept things so nice.