The REAL News

Hey buyers…are you moving to a new town and/or state? Me too.

To get a feel for my soon-to-be-town, I’m now keeping regular tabs on local news websites at my destination. But what a shocker…I’m reading about lewd behavior in a movie theater, some teens stealing money out of cars, and even a fake bomb threat at a high school!

What have I gotten myself into!!!!

But then I check the local paper’s site here where I live. And OMG…who knew we had such a problem with gang shootings, serious car accidents and armed robberies!

Just remember, the more shocking the headline, the more traffic the online news publications attract to their site. It’s not necessarily representative of the area. To get a better feel, why not lunch at a local diner and talk with the folks who live there?

And news media – keep in mind that while sensational stories sell, they really portray your town in a bad light. Keep it balanced please…potential new residents are watching.