Smart Use of Psychographics in Home Staging

Initially, the focus of home staging was to neutralize your home in order to appeal to a wider market of potential buyers. But that often results in the fatal side-effect of becoming a “forgettable” home. Forgettable Homes: Not distasteful, but not memorable enough to make the short list. The latest trend in Home Staging is target marketing, or “Lifestyle Merchandising.” Designing a space to attract a more specific buyer. This is nothing new - consumer product companies have been using this … [Read more...]

Real Estate Listings: Glossary of Terms

I’ve been reading LOTS of property descriptions. Aside from the many typos and CAPS, here are a few gems I see over and over and what they REALLY mean to a buyer. Original Owner = dated décor Well (or impeccably) appointed = a woman picked out the finishes Custom = what someone else wanted # Years Young = denial, i.e. a perpetually 29 year old woman Stately = stuffy Pristine condition = they have a good housecleaning service Updated = painted within the last 3 years and took down that … [Read more...]

Is Your Home ON the Market, or IN the Market?

I couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks Jay! source: Jay Papasan … [Read more...]

Selling Your Home? How to Keep it Show-Ready.

It's that time of year again - if you're thinking about putting your house on the market, get ready for a bit of incovenient living. But the payoff is well worth any inconvenience. Once you get your home sale-ready, you need an efficient action plan to accomodate the not-always-convenient showings of your beloved home. You know how it get a call from your realtor that a potential buyer wants to see your 30 minutes! So you have to pick up the house, load up your kids (and … [Read more...] has launched their redesigned website today.

As a homeowner who has actually picked a house based on an Internet Listing (I didn’t see it until we moved in), I totally get the value of the online MLS thing. While we stagers proclaim that the first impression starts at the curb, in reality, it starts on the computer. Many Realtor friends I’ve spoken with are not crazy about, they feel as if they are overcharged with few options. There are many other more regional MLS services available that are picking up steam. Perhaps that’s … [Read more...]