Do desperate times call for desperate measures?

There are many who would call the real estate market "desperate" from the seller's perspective. Guess that depends on your price point, location and reason for selling. But what are considered "desperate" measures? There are some who consider home staging to be a desperate measure. But since when was it ever a good idea to put your house on the market without consciously and strategically presenting it to your ideal buyer? No, staging is not new, but the sophistication of staging has indeed … [Read more...]

Who is on your agent’s team?

I'm amazed at how many sellers contact me before they have even selected a real estate agent. My advice to them? Interview several agents, and ask them what sort of team they bring to the table. While it may be handy to be a one-stop solution for clients (staging, home updates, pricing, marketing, photography, etc.) it is just too difficult to be an expert in all areas.Make sure your your agent has a team of experts to help you sell your house faster and for as much as possible! Go Team Go!! … [Read more...]

How will the real estate market affect you?

There are many statistics and opinions floating around about the state of the real estate industry. They may differ by region, but there are some common threads throughout these discussions. If your house is for sale, or you're considering a move, here are a few things to think about... Buyers are waiting for an overall price collapse of the market - all the more reason to give a buyer a reason to act NOW. The homes with the best perceived value will sell - it will become even more competitive … [Read more...]

What it Home Staging? How about what it is NOT!

Home Staging is NOT:...Decorating - Anyone can make a home look decorated. Staging is about marketing your home to your target buyer. In fact, personal taste has nothing to do with it. It's about making a great first impression that creates an emotional connection with buyers and helps them imagine themselves living there. ...Just for high-end homes - Every home deserves its best chance at selling quickly and for top dollar whether a starter home or a mansion. Remember, you are competing with … [Read more...]

Why spend money on a house I’m leaving?!

That’s the most common objection sellers have to staging. What is ironic is that the answer is in the question itself…money! Staging is not an expense, but rather an investment to get the most possible for your home, and as quickly as you can. There are two sides to this money equation: Selling Price, and Speed of Sale. Rooms That Work Your home, only better. Selling Price is pretty self-explanatory. More is better! To evaluate the expense of carrying the home while it’s for sale is a little … [Read more...]