Smart Use of Psychographics in Home Staging

Initially, the focus of home staging was to neutralize your home in order to appeal to a wider market of potential buyers. But that often results in the fatal side-effect of becoming a “forgettable” home. Forgettable Homes: Not distasteful, but not memorable enough to make the short list. The latest trend in Home Staging is target marketing, or “Lifestyle Merchandising.” Designing a space to attract a more specific buyer. This is nothing new - consumer product companies have been using this … [Read more...]

We’ll Leave the Lights On For You

It feels so strange to turn on all the lights and leave my home. It's like a party. From the street our home looks like a cruise ship on holiday! I'm so programmed (with "coaching" from my practical husband) to ALWAYS turn off unused lights. I hope potential buyers appreciate the little extra light we've afforded them for their home viewing pleasure. Seems a little silly since we get so much natural light. But it does make the place seem, I don't know...bigger, crisper, or perhaps … [Read more...]

No Pets or People Please

I've seen a lot of homes in a short period of time. Since I'm fresh from the hunt, I thought I'd share two very important tips from a buyer's perspective. Sellers...listen up here! Lesson 1: People Please don't be home when I come to see your house. Sure, you're polite enough to say hello, step outside and offer to answer any questions after I tour the home. But once I see or meet you, it's YOUR home to me. I immediately feel awkward and want to get though YOUR home as quickly as possible. … [Read more...]

Forgettable Homes

Yesterday we viewed 18 homes. Some were drive-by's, and the rest we toured. A few bubbled up to the top. They unofficially became the benchmark by which we compared the rest. There were a few that were promptly crossed off the list for one reason or another. The rest were acceptable, but forgettable. Not because they weren't nice, but because there was nothing unique about them.  Some had too many knick  knacks, too much furniture or too much owner personalization that we couldn't see … [Read more...]

Dear Next Owner of This Home

I was given an excellent suggestion by an agent during a listing interview. Write a letter to prospective buyers about why you enjoyed living in your home. In my case, I really want to emphasize that this is a friendly, close neighborhood that is very kid-friendly. I even added a few snapshots to help make my point. I'll let you know how it goes over! … [Read more...]