Interior Redesign

Your home is more than where you sleep at night. It’s the place where you can express yourself, entertain friends, relax and manage your life!

However, there is often that one room that just doesn’t “work” for you, either functionally or aesthetically. Sometimes we need help rediscovering our home through a fresh perspective.

Interior Redesign is a style of interior decorating that transforms a room using what you already own. It includes decluttering, rearranging and re-thinking your design ideas.

Rooms That Work LLC can help you break your redesign project down into steps and inspire you to get started (and finished!).

We use what you already have to give you the look you want. We balance form with function, all within your budget. It’s like moving, but without all the boxes!

Why redesign your space?

  • Do you want a change in your home?
  • Do you want to simplify your life?
  • Are you down-sizing?
  • Are you combining households?
  • Have you inherited furnishings?
  • Have you got a special occasion coming up?

It’s very affordable as well. Click here to view our Interior Decorating Services.