Schools, schools, ..

We're going on a house hunting trip to NJ soon. Right now it seems rather fuzzy. We're set up with a recommended agent, and moving to a somewhat familiar area. But until you get out there and start looking (beyond the Internet) it feels more conceptual than actual. This week I'm focusing on researching the schools in the area, which is not a simple task as the budgets have been politically shook up in reaction to rather high property taxes state-wide. I can make any house work for me … [Read more...]

Dear Next Owner of..

I was given an excellent suggestion by an agent during a listing interview. Write a letter to prospective buyers about why you enjoyed living in your home. In my case, I really want to emphasize that this is a friendly, close neighborhood that is very kid-friendly. I even added a few snapshots to help make my point. I'll let you know how it goes over! … [Read more...]

Can a Stager Self-..

It's official...we're moving to NJ. You'd think that I'd have a handle on preparing my own home, but it sure is tougher when you're close to it! Objectivity is Queen! Here's a tip...take a picture of your room, then flip it horizontally. Or, likewise, use a hand mirror to view your room in reverse. You'll notice things that just blended in to you before. I've been cleaning 1/3 out of every closet, editing out furniture, touching up paint, and have magically transformed the "mud room" into … [Read more...]

Not sure where to ..

Do you have an overwhelming room that you know you need to do something with, but don’t know where to start? Can you really see a vision through the clutter? How do you decide what you want? What’s “in” and what’s yesterday? It can be paralyzing. Take comfort…you’re not alone! It’s challenging to develop a design plan when you’re not starting with an empty room. First step is to get in touch with your own personal style. Yes, you do have one even if you're not sure what it is. Thumb … [Read more...]

Get on that “..

When preparing your home for sale, it's tempting to dismiss a potential problem as something a buyer could "surely look past" and expect them imagine the home without that little problem. You know what I'm talking about...outdated light fixtures, nasty carpeting, old windows, loud colors, damaged sink, ill-fitting door, and so on. These can be relatively inexpensive fixes and can make a HUGE impact in the mind of a potential buyer. Just because you've been able to look past your home's little … [Read more...]