Can Taxidermy Sell a Home?

I think this one goes without saying. Which is worse: The bear The deer heads The guns The Cowboy Cutout The vintage barber chairs The blinds The carpeting The clutter Or, are you too afraid of this homeowner to say anything but "wow, very interesting home!" ;) Yea...he scares me a bit too! Don't think this is a client I'd like to stage for! … [Read more...]

MLS Mishap Monday – Animal Portraits

Welcome to "MLS Mishap Monday!" Since I'm looking for a new home, I've been looking at MLS photos a lot lately. To be frank...I'm shocked. You would think a challenging economy would inspire sellers to up their visual game. There are more homes in my target area than I have time to even look at. So I'm using MLS listings to decide which ones I'll take the time to actually visit. So, as I find photo's that are "misguided," I'll share them here on the Rooms That Work blog. Today's theme … [Read more...]