Real Estate Listings: Glossary of Terms

I’ve been reading LOTS of property descriptions. Aside from the many typos and CAPS, here are a few gems I see over and over and what they REALLY mean to a buyer. Original Owner = dated décor Well (or impeccably) appointed = a woman picked out the finishes Custom = what someone else wanted # Years Young = denial, i.e. a perpetually 29 year old woman Stately = stuffy Pristine condition = they have a good housecleaning service Updated = painted within the last 3 years and took down that … [Read more...]

Get on that “honey do” list NOW!

When preparing your home for sale, it's tempting to dismiss a potential problem as something a buyer could "surely look past" and expect them imagine the home without that little problem. You know what I'm talking about...outdated light fixtures, nasty carpeting, old windows, loud colors, damaged sink, ill-fitting door, and so on. These can be relatively inexpensive fixes and can make a HUGE impact in the mind of a potential buyer. Just because you've been able to look past your home's little … [Read more...] has launched their redesigned website today.

As a homeowner who has actually picked a house based on an Internet Listing (I didn’t see it until we moved in), I totally get the value of the online MLS thing. While we stagers proclaim that the first impression starts at the curb, in reality, it starts on the computer. Many Realtor friends I’ve spoken with are not crazy about, they feel as if they are overcharged with few options. There are many other more regional MLS services available that are picking up steam. Perhaps that’s … [Read more...]

Do desperate times call for desperate measures?

There are many who would call the real estate market "desperate" from the seller's perspective. Guess that depends on your price point, location and reason for selling. But what are considered "desperate" measures? There are some who consider home staging to be a desperate measure. But since when was it ever a good idea to put your house on the market without consciously and strategically presenting it to your ideal buyer? No, staging is not new, but the sophistication of staging has indeed … [Read more...]